Technical Diving

Technical diving is becoming more and more commonplace these days, although it has a stigma of requiring regimental style training, this just isn’t true. You can become a Technical Diver with Octopus Diving Tec in just a few days.

Technical diving in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean is about being to explore a new aspect to diving. Sure, it allows you to dive deeper for longer, but it also allows divers to experience something new and develop new skills. Saint Martin / Sint Maarten has some awesome deep wreck sites that are perfectly suited for Technical diving!

Why take a Tec course in St.Martin / St.Maarten, Caribbean?
Everything here is tax free, the water is warm year round, there is awesome Marine life and great visibility. We also have amazing wrecks that are at a perfect depth for Tec dive training.

We are super excited to be able to offer Technical Diving Courses at Octopus Diving.  This includes certifications through the International Association of Nitrox and Trimix Divers (IANTD).

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