Octopus Diving in Saint Martin is happy to now offer Nitrox to Enriched Air Nitrox certified divers and also to those that want to get Nitrox certified!

What is Nitrox?

Nitrox is air that has been enriched with Oxygen. Oxygen is added to air increasing it from the normal 21% all the way to 40%.

What are the benefits of Nitrox?

Well, if there is more oxygen in the mix, then there is less nitrogen. As divers learn from their Open Water Course, the amount of nitrogen that divers absorb into their body can significantly reduce their bottom time, especially if doing multiple dives over multiple days. The more nitrogen that one is exposed to, the higher the risk of suffering from decompression sickness. So, by decreasing the nitrogen in the mix (or increasing the oxygen) divers are able to stay down longer! Nitrox is normally offered in mixes of 32% and 36%, meaning that there is 32% Oxygen (rather than the normal 21%) and 36% Oxygen. However, all mixes are possible from 21% to 40%. Nitrogen is most beneficial in the 30 to 106 foot range.

How can I dive with Nitrox?

If you would like to dive with Nitrox and you are certified to do so, then just tell us when you make your reservation. If you would like to dive with Nitrox, but aren’t certified, then we will gladly certify you to become a Nitrox diver. PADI makes it super easy, and you can even do practically all of the certification on line. Just click on the following link for more information. Nitrox E-Learning. Or, just email us and ask for more information on the nitrox course, and we will be happy to help.

Sign up for eLearning and Dive for free!

Also, if you sign up online for Nitrox E-Learning through Octopus Diving (Store # 799210) then you can finish your certification with us for FREE! That is right! Get a two tank dive for free as well as your Nitrox Certification! Nitrox E-Learning