Turtle Reef

Quick Facts

Location: Two minutes from our dive shop in Grand Case Bay – not marked on most GPS systems.
Access: Boat
Depth: 8-30 feet (2-10 meters)
Type: Reef
Look for: Hawksbill and green turtles, fan corals, an abundance of fish, flying gurnards, eagle rays, sting rays, jawfish, sailfin blennies, remoras, toadfish, frogfish, and octopus.


Also named as the second of our “Local Reefs” Turtle Reef never ceases to amaze us and in our opinion has the most marine bio-diversity of any reef on St. Martin. Diveable in nearly all conditions its rare not to see turtles. The most turtles seen in one 60 minute dive was 15. Two large pinnacles of rock surrounded by sand produce a very healthy eco-system where small and large marine life thrive. The abundance of fish at this site is truly outstanding. This site is suitable for any level diver from discover scuba, open water certification or course director. Make sure you dive this site whilst in St.Martin, 30 foot/10 meter depth means 60 – 70 minute bottom times.